3 thoughts on “Anxiety and Depression

  1. There is no feasible way you can pass through life without having a sad moment, but for every stormy sky, there’s a sunny day on the horizon. There’s sunshine after the rain, and it’s true. You have to take the bitter and the sweet. It’s inevitable. It’s like when I was a kid, I loved my family and loved having them around. I was naive, and always tried to find the bright side around things, and for the most part, my childhood was the “sweet” part. Here and there, there were events that helped teach me about the world and mature me, I learned that there will be rough patches in life that you can’t avoid no matter how hard you try. It catches up to you, beats you to the dirt, but you have to get up. You can’t give up or else those stormy skies just keep on raining. You have to take the hit, and stand back up, no matter how hard it hits, because the second you decide to sit in the dirt and give up, the stormy skies consume you.


    • Honestly reading that just improved my mood on the day. For me, I get stormy weather majority of the time but today is going to be different thanks to you. Love the piece and thanks for sharing.


  2. Curling up in a ball, feeling insignificant, looking for an escape. Overcome with emotion built up due to the years of continuously pretending that everything was okay. Society has formed this generation of young teens into believing their bodies need to be modified through countless procedures and feeling ashamed when they experience a bad day as life should be a piece of cake. It has brainwashed us into thinking therapists are for crazy people who are moments from jumping into the deep end and eating disorder clinics are solely for those who are overweight because how could someone skinny possess any problems? We are quick to judge in addition to comparing ourselves with those we see on the magazines forgetting entirely about the hours of photo-shop put into every image. Instead of embracing our differences and coming together as one, we separate and divide merely due to simple “imperfections”. Imperfections which are those society dooms to be hideous and ugly, an opinion so deep seated and detrimental it causes years of depression and heartache. But wait! As young teens we can’t be depressed or, god forbid, let anyone know the hardships we endure because that’s just not normal. So now what? Now we are forced to hide our feelings from those we hold dear to us because conversations about our problems become awkward causing friendships to fade away. Many don’t know what to say or how to react, all because of how society portrays those who struggle with mental illnesses.


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