98 thoughts on “Education

  1. People typically associate education with what we learn in school. Math, sciences, social studies, reading and writing, foreign languages, among other things. What many people do not think about is that school is not the only place to become educated. We continue to learn past school in the workplace, at home, and everywhere in between. People remain informed by speaking to others and vice versa. However, both the news and the internet are going to be more freely accessible sources of information. One might also have a higher chance of finding a less biased source of information on the internet as well. That said, there are likely more biased and false sources of information than there are credible sources. There are things that cannot be learned simply from seeing an article on the internet. Going to another country and experiencing a completely different culture cannot be taught. Different cultures can give someone a new outlook on life and enrich it as well.
    Both speaking with people and looking on the internet for information have their pros and cons. People have to do their best to sort through that information and figure out what is important to them. To learn and to make an informed opinion is the result of educating oneself.


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