5 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Growing up I’d say my parents did a great job raising me and my siblings in church and to this day I am still so grateful. Especially back in 2010 when we were in Haiti and the ground started shaking out of nowhere and no one knew what was going on we thought it was the end of the world and it was really comforting to have someone on a higher power than us to rely on and to bring us to ease. After the earthquake ended my house had collapsed with all of our possessions in it and we had nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep but we didn’t panic because we just knew that things would get better for us and it did now I’m in America the land of the free and I left Haiti where the education was subpar to living in Massachuttes where we have the best colleges in the country and getting one of the best education I could possibly get so this is why I believe that you should have faith that things will always get better than how it is and that you should never give up even if you don’t believe in religion there’s always science Newtons third law for every action( meaning bad) there’s an equal and opposite reaction (meaning good). There could never be a bad without a good because the world needs to balance itself out.


    • Hey this is super awesome. I always grew up with the influence of God in my life and I really can see and feel the value in it. There are times when I struggled so hard growing up and which I had to pray to feel better. And you know what, its not about getting what you want, ever. People feel like prayer is asking for deliverance and looking for answers, but sometimes that’s just not what you need. God always knows what you need while you don’t so nobody should expect their prayers to be answered. I have always viewed the value of my prayers and of my religion as an experience through which I am able to cleanse and better myself–become more mindful, hopeful, and proud of who I am and the faith that I believe in. I think its so cool that you have such an incredible faith and that you are able to be so grateful for God’s blessings–both good and bad.


    • Thank you for sharing this, not only was it a great thing to read but it also reminded me of my times where I used my faith. God has helped me in many ways and praying to him through the good and bad times he’s always there for me. Also, the way God responds to us we might not see where it’s heading but we have to believe that he knows what’s best for us more than we do, and having faith isn’t easy but it’s worth it!


  2. Life isn’t always easy or fair sometimes, and it gets to a point where someone might not see the situation getting any better but it does. In my life there were very difficult times where I wasn’t happy with myself, and the direction I was heading it felt like no matter what I did the outcome was the same; which was being unsuccessful. This happened with simple things like doing well in school or making friends and hard things like being overcoming hard moments emotionally, at the time of me being unhappy with my own appearance and as well as being made fun of constantly really made life difficult, and I remember everyday being consumed with sadness throughout day by day. However, not everything lasts forever, and that’s why I believe in having faith because hard times do go away and after many prayers and keeping faith the unhappiness did fade away. Even if you don’t believe in a higher power, just having faith that things will get better is going to prevail because that determination will keep you going like it did for me, and many others that I know who have gone through the same. Currently, I am at a point where I’m comfortable with myself and making friends is not as hard and emotionally I’m more positive, there are still hard times but I never forget to keep faith that things will get better no matter how hard the situation.


  3. Without faith, I don’t think I would have gotten to where I am today. Growing up in a predominately Christian family, going to church was the norm. I went to church every Sunday, and even participated in some all night events, but I only went because that’s what I was supposed to do. I knew there was a God, deep down. But in some certain circumstances, or when I was staring blankly at the wall while the pastor was preaching, I questioned God’s existence. “What if this is all a stimulation?” Or “What if there’s nothing after death?” Were the questions that played out in my head consistently and I started to slowly feel myself detaching away from my faith. I noticed myself asking God to help me when I was in desperate need, and never thanking him when good things would happen. It got to a point where I would be angry with God when things wouldn’t go as planned. I stayed like this for months–a wishy washy Christian who stopped going to church. Then I was struck with a hard obstacle, it stressed me out for days until I finally exploded and ended up balling my eyes out on the kitchen floor asking God for wisdom, and for him to guide me through this tough time. And you know what God did? He picked me up and helped me glide through the situation with ease. Even after all that I had done against him, all of my sins, throughout it all he still found it in his heart to bless me. I believe God is a forgiving and graceful God who blesses his children no matter what circumstance. I believe if you let God come into your life, you will never be the same and in a good way. I believe that without God I would have token my own life a long time ago, and with his grace and mercy, I am a better person who is always thankful to see another day.


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