7 thoughts on “Goals

  1. What truly defines a goal?
    Goals can be as simple as not eating sweets for a day or having the drive to run that one extra mile each week.Goals can also encapsulate who a person is by delineating their entire life in hopes to making their dreams a reality.
    Having goals in life is what drives us. They keep our minds occupied and content on the fact that there is something truly worth while that comes from all the stress and hard work we put into daily life. So if we did not have goals or ambitions in our lives we would be left wondering what our purpose is on this earth. To live a life of drudgery or living our lives to the fullest potential. Whether that be traveling the world to immerse ourselves in the thousands of different cultures that are out there. Or to one day own your own business and share it with generations to come. Our main goal in life is to find what ignites our ambitions to pursue our dreams and to never let that flame die out.
    The goals we keep, no matter if they are daily or lifetime ones, should scare us a little and excite us more then anything. This is the only way we will keep our dreams alive.


    • I agree that goals do not matter how big or small they are as long as they reflect the person’s inner ambitions. Those ambitions keep people healthy and active. Having large goals are great as long as you can be able to fulfill those by making smaller stepping stones to get to their larger one. This prevents people from getting discouraged by having an unreasonable goal.


  2. I believe that being goal orientated is the most significant trait a person can have in modern day society, due to the extreme competitiveness of today’s job market. Without the desire to achieve goals, an individual will never get a promotion, a raise or any outstanding recognition in his or her occupation. Planning and establishing goals is the first step to finding a passion for a hobby, career, sport or area of study. For these reasons, setting goals influences life opportunities by exposing individuals to circumstances that would not have been made available without the founding of a passion, which transitions into a goal. Goals give us a reason for living and shape our attitudes and opinions of circumstances and events, based on the future endeavors we have planned for ourselves. I believe that goals are an integral part of society and human beings can not function without the inspiration that goals provide us with.


  3. I believe that making goals no matter what point you are at in your life is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself. If you set a goal, whether it be the most far fetched goal that you may never actually complete or something so simple, you know for a fact you can complete, they will give you something to reach for. This is so important because you know what you want to reach for as opposed to reaching for something with no idea what it is you want to complete. Not only will it give you something to look forward to and reach for, it will also help give your life structure and help you create your path through life to achieve that one big goal that you want to reach. It could give your life structure because by creating smaller goals and completing them, you might find another goal that you would not have thought of had it not been for the previous goal you just completed. For example your first goal could simply be to decide what class you want to take the next semester at school. That goal would probably be completed quickly in a couple of days or a week, and then you would start the class. For some of us after selecting the class and soon starting the class, we might enjoy that class so much that we create a new goal. This new goal might be a long term goal such as your dream job that you now want to get as a result of completing that one simple goal of selecting a class. In addition to giving you some structure to your life, they also could help bring some fun to your life by making you excited to try to achieve each and every one of the goals you have created. This could help by creating a fun filled life of completing and creating new goals and take your mind away from any depressing times you might face along the way. I believe anyone can achieve anything they want in their life as long as they set strong goals along the way to help set a path to that major achievement they might want to get to.


  4. I believe that people need to have dreams and aspirations in order to achieve their goals. Dreams give people motivation. Without motivation it would be almost impossible to reach a goal. Although there will be failures along the way, I believe it is important to never give up. I believe that setbacks are normal and in the long run will help a person once they have reached their goal. I believe that if a person has their whole heart set on achieving a goal, they will no matter how long it may take them. I believe that once one goal has been achieved, another one will pop up in its place. Goals never stop. They are what keep people moving.
    I believe that everything happens for a reason. As humans, the only thing we can truly control is ourselves. When something bad happens to an individual, they often ask “why me?” Maybe they will think it is karma, or that someone is out to get them. However, I believe that all the issues, and hardships humans face were meant to be thrown at us. I believe that failures are meant to make people stronger. I believe that people can get through anything with the right resources. Everything happens for a reason, people cannot live their life as a “what if” statement. What is, is always meant to be.


    • I totally agree with you, Talia, if people don’t have dreams and aspirations then what will the hope for the future, what will motivate them to become successful and achieve their goals. I think having dreams even If the dream is impossible still gives people an objective, which helps people strive and continue working past all the obstacles they may face to achieve their own personal dream.


  5. Goals are created to provide an individual the ambition needed to aim for tasks that were thought of as impossible to accomplish. But why should individuals set goals, to begin with? First, goals are created to accomplish challenging tasks. For example, having a written goal creates a continuous reminder of what needs to be completed for a specific individual. Secondly, goals are started to help people believe in themselves. The act of achieving a goal provides motivation to aim for the unthinkable. Lastly, goals can guide an individual to their true passions. Creating a goal gives an individual the ability to self-reflect on themselves in the hope of discovering what they truly want.
    For example, from personal experience, in seventh and eighth grade I tried out for the middle school basketball team. Unfortunately, I did not make the team both years. So, I joined my towns, recreational team. Additionally, I sought additional basketball training opportunities to continually improve throughout the year. Thus finishing my first goal, which was to improve my skills on the court. My hard work and tenacity were soon rewarded when I was able to reach my goal in high school. My freshman year I was placed on the JV basketball team. Even though I accomplished my goal of being on the basketball team, I continued to make more goals for myself. Developing goals for myself provided the ability for me to work hard on the court while also having the personal satisfaction of accomplishing a goal.


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