3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Growing up I’d like to say my parents did a pretty good job. I’m polite and have manners at all times. Being nice and doing good things for other people did not seem like a punishment or as if I was going out of my way. It felt like it was the right way to do it, the only way. Personally I cannot be mean to someone and not feel bad about it. Of course I have my moments, i’m human but because the way I am it’s irrefutable for me to keep things as is. For an example if someone stepped on my shoes I would say it’s fine but if I was in a bad mood and snapped on them, I would immediately apologize. Having gratitude comes natural to me as well. If I have never met someone in my life what would be the need for me to be mean and nasty towards them. That same person can possibly change my life for the better or worse depending on how I handle myself towards them. The way I see it gratitude goes a long way in life, and it’s never too late to start.


  2. Arriving at Cairo International airport, I had no idea the experience that laid ahead of me. Spending only a short time there, I was pushed to see the world in a different way and learn to appreciate the privilege that I have; living in America. My parents worked hard to give me all I needed in life, so I never really wrapped my head around the idea that there were people in this world that didn’t have much food to eat or a place to stay. My first day there, two kids around the age of 5 or 6 approached me in the street and offered to clean my shoes for money. On a different day I saw children less than fifteen years old lugging around rusty metal parts for little money. Some of these kids were working in order to help buy food for their family. Seeing the people of Egypt living in squalor, really opened my eyes to being grateful for the life I have. My mindset coming out of this trip drastically changed. Understanding that my parents had to leave their families and go out of their comfort zone for my sister and I, made me more determined to work hard to achieve my goals. Knowing how fortunate I am, motivated me to seize the opportunities provided to me, that I would not have had in Egypt.


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