2 thoughts on “Grief and Loss

  1. I believe that my dad died for a reason.
    I don’t remember the first time that I was told he was dead. The moment that my mom must have inevitably told my twin sister and I the details: that he passed away from melanoma one month before we were born. But I do know that with moments like those came a push to grow up a bit faster.
    Although him being gone hurts my heart endlessly, I have wholeheartedly internalized the idea that “everything happens for a reason.” My situation is unique because the main struggle for most kids with deceased parents is missing them. The problem for me is that it is very hard to miss someone you have never met. The deep craving of wanting someone back gets distorted when you never had them in the first place. Instead I find myself yearning to live the way he did. To imitate his nature-loving, outgoing, and optimistic life. For me, it has never been him physically, but the stories and mentality that he represents that I have desired and chased throughout the years. I believe that without the knowledge that he is looking down on me, I would not be as motivated and not be who I am today. I believe every child who has lost a parent feels a sense of responsibility to live life to the fullest because they know all too well that it can be robbed from them. I believe that I must keep my head up when things get tough because God knows he did.


    • Your story is amazing. Living with this loss must be difficult, and how you stay so positive and strong-willed is really admirable.


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