One thought on “Living in the Moment

  1. Strokes of light yellows and deep reds softly faded, making the transition from evening to night. As most young children do, I feared the dark. As a distraction, I glanced out the window, following a light with my eyes. A crescent shape in the sky was staring back at me. Through blankets of darkness, this shape was able to emit its light, soaking the world below it. Mesmerized, I placed my finger on the glass and watched as the shape moved along, aligned with my finger as we sped along. The moon followed me home I thought for years. I adored the feeling that the moon was always there, no matter what, it would never leave our side. I loved knowing that I had something to fall asleep to every night, and that it would still be there when I awoke.
    The moon’s tides act as the Earth’s moods, but I never realized how strong of an impact the moon can have on us; on I, an individual. The whole world depends on the moon, without it, we’d be nothing. Even through the darkest nights, it shines its brightest, and even on the brightest days, it’s there. On my darkest nights, I wish to be swallowed into the universe, never to be seen again. Same goes for my brightest days.
    When the sun shines, people forget that the moon is even there, but yet, it still shows itself, even if it goes unnoticed. If I take myself out of this life I thought, the world would go on with or without me in it. I then asked myself What would happen if the moon disappeared? We wouldn’t have a world to move on in.
    That was the answer. Make a difference: Be the moon.


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