One thought on “Love

  1. As long as I can remember, my mom raised my brother and I to believe that we only need three things to be happy in life—a Love of God, a Love of Country, and a Love of Family. These three loves have always been present in my life and have, without a doubt, shaped who I am today. I am an individual who is proud to say I believe in God, proud and patriotic of my country and thankful to the men and women and families who have made the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom, and proud of my strong family values and sense of belonging and community. The combination of these beliefs and values has shaped me into a grateful young man with a firm devotion to people around me. I have always enjoyed working hard and giving my time to a righteous cause. Ever since the age of seven I have been an altar server at my church. Years later, I became a volunteer unloading food bank trucks and stocking the shelves of my church’s food pantry. As President of my high school’s chapter of the National Honor Society, I was able to make a huge difference on multiple occasions as I spearheaded community service projects and efforts that impacted the lives of people in my own community and across the nation. Making a difference every day to someone and/or something is also what I believe in because of my unbounded dedication to God, Country, and Family. It is the greatest gift I have to offer my community and the world…this I believe…


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