3 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. I believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. In life we face adversity and I believe that the only way to overcome it is if we are mentally strong enough to. Our Mentally stature is what will lift us up past our obstacles and if we are prepared we can overcome anything.

    For example as strong as you can physically be is that gonna help you pass your Math class? I believe no and what we need to be is mentally prepared because the brain is the most powerful object in our body and towards the world if us humans didn’t have a form of though where would we be today? Our way we mentally think matters and it matters a lot. Sadly in today’s day of age we have people who quit and that is because they gave up but if they were mentally prepared with the thought that anything is possible they would have the motivation to keep going and strive that anything is possible to accomplish.

    For example look at Neil Armstrong the first Human to ever walk the moon would you think just any human can have the guts to do that. I personally don’t but he is different he had the mindset of accomplishing what people thought was impossible and did what everybody thought was impossible to do. This is where adversity hits, he had people calling him crazy also people telling him he could lose his life but he stayed committed and strong, passed it all and did what he had his mind set on to do. That all shows you how anything is possible when you put your mind to it.


  2. I believe that through hard work and perseverance anything can be achieved. Almost everyday you experience some sort of challenges that you can overcome through hard work. No matter what your goal is, whether it is big or small, it can certainly be attained through perseverance and working hard.

    I run hurdles in track and field and we experience good days and bad days. There are days where I have thought about giving up because I was not able to do what my coach wanted me to do or I was not hitting my times that I wanted to get, but I would always remind myself that times can get hard but only the best is yet to come if I keep on working. At every practice I worked as hard as I could and never quit because I wanted to be the best, so I put in the work to be the best. At meets where I had extremely good competition I always felt so determined to prove to everyone that the time and effort that I had put into my practice was all worth it. At the biggest meet for me which was our conference or divisional meet, all of the hard work that I had put into this year finally prevailed and I took first in both high and low hurdles. This shows that through hard work and perseverance anything can be fulfilled.

    Through running year round, there are always times that you will experience some form of injury. I have suffered from a dislocated knee, IT band problems, shin splints, headaches, and migraines. I have always come back from each injury stronger than I was before. This shows how working hard and being resilient through those tough times can lead to achieving your goals. This is why I believe that hard work and perseverance can help anyone achieve their goals and dreams if they really want them.


  3. This I believe
    Many people frequently ask me how I have reached my level of positivity throughout my past and present hardships. To understand how to be positive you need to understand what it means. If you look up the definition of positivity online you will get an answer as follows. Positivity is “The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude”. Many people believe that being positive or “happy” is just something you are born with. When my friends ask me how I always happen to be happy whenever they see me I tell them that I’m not always happy it’s just that I choose to be happy simply based on the fact that my problems aren’t as significant as I see them to be. To be happy you need to practice or in simpler words work on your happiness as said in the definition I provided. I believe that anyone can rewire their emotions to be significantly happier even if they just pretend to smile or have a good time.

    This, however, will not work if the individual is suffering from depression. From an article, I have read If an individual who is suffering from depression puts on a happy face to neglect his sadness it would be called “smiling depression” it is the act of appearing happy to others while internally suffering depressive symptoms it has become increasingly popular over the years. People with smiling depression could feel better if they smile or laugh at depressing times but it would only make them feel better temporarily. I believe that my method of being positive can only help when the problem that makes the individual unhappy doesn’t influence their life.

    Too keep this short I believe in happiness which is the tendency to find it in yourself to look at your problems from a higher and lower perspective, to see those who are less fortunate in life and compare their problems with yours and to see after all that your problems are not as significant as you let them be.


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