3 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. Everyone has challenges or obstacles in life. These obstacles are what build character, and to get over them you need to have perseverance. I believe in the willpower/perseverance needed in life to get through challenges, and grow as a person. An experience I had of perseverance was when I was in middle school. Now, I was an A/B student with an average drive for school, but math classes/ math in general was not my cup of tea.
    I would be in class losing my train of thought, and couldn’t find focus so my grade eventually fell to a D. Let me tell you, my little heart was terrified to bring home that D grade on a report card. I realized that this was a challenge for me, and needed to pass to move on into the next grade. I used my tools, and went to an after school tutoring session every Friday, and ended up bringing my grade back up to a miraculous A. Through this experience I learned that no matter how hard a challenge is, to not give up.
    The overall principle was that with perseverance by my side, and my will to learn, I overcame one of my greatest challenges. I still have a hard time with math today, but I am capable as long as I persevere and get the help I need. I am proudly an A+/A- student, and will always try my hardest in the classroom and in life.


  2. As a class and as a generation, we have endured many hardships and challenges, as well as extremely difficult and turbulent times as we grew up and became of age. We grew up during the 2008 Recession, the biggest economic recession since the Great Depression, where 32 million people were unemployed and where we saw friends and family we knew not find a job and make less in they did. We grew up and are still growing up in one of the worst health crises of our time, the mental health and opioid crises, where far too many of our friends and family died because of an addiction, where there was little support for people, even ourselves, for a condition no one could see, and where too many people committed suicide for the immense challenges and problems we face today. While there are many more challenges we faced, the most important thing is that as a generation, we have endured these challenges for all of our lives, and that is the important thing here. We are one of the strongest generations alive today, possibly ever. We have the great and immense potential to change the world for the better, to fix the challenges we faced, are continuing to face, and will face. I believe in ourselves, because we have endured and thrived in these challenges, and we have the potential to right the world from the wrongs we face today.


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