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  1. I believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. In life we face adversity and I believe that the only way to overcome it is if we are mentally strong enough to. Our Mentally stature is what will lift us up past our obstacles and if we are prepared we can overcome anything.

    For example as strong as you can physically be is that gonna help you pass your Math class? I believe no and what we need to be is mentally prepared because the brain is the most powerful object in our body and towards the world if us humans didn’t have a form of though where would we be today? Our way we mentally think matters and it matters a lot. Sadly in today’s day of age we have people who quit and that is because they gave up but if they were mentally prepared with the thought that anything is possible they would have the motivation to keep going and strive that anything is possible to accomplish.

    For example look at Neil Armstrong the first Human to ever walk the moon would you think just any human can have the guts to do that. I personally don’t but he is different he had the mindset of accomplishing what people thought was impossible and did what everybody thought was impossible to do. This is where adversity hits, he had people calling him crazy also people telling him he could lose his life but he stayed committed and strong, passed it all and did what he had his mind set on to do. That all shows you how anything is possible when you put your mind to it.


    • I believe in perseverance. In the dictionary, the meaning of perseverance is persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Throughout my childhood, my parents always told me to never give up no matter how many times I fail. To this day that advice has impacted my life drastically. It has given me a positive outlook on everything I do whether I receive the outcome I want or not. With such an attitude, you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. No matter the obstacle, a mind wired with perseverance will overcome anything in their way even after multiple failures. This trait is necessary for all humans because the world we live in is full of hardships and everything must be earned. We live in a time where life can chew you up and spit you out and without determination or perseverance, your wants will only become dreams and wishes.

      In my life, I have faced many challenges and obstacles that not every teenager has to deal with. High school itself is not the easiest thing in the world, but attending 4 different high schools in 4 years was a huge challenge I had to face. Making new friends, trying to adjust to the pace of a new school, trying out for a sport, and joining clubs was one hundred times harder for me than any other high school student. Consistently moving was tough but thanks to my upbringing on perseverance and never giving up, I can proudly say I survived. I did have times where I would be behind with my schoolwork and times where I was looked at weird because I was the “new girl”. Even during those times I stayed positive and kept trying. I tried out for the team the next year, I consistently went to tutoring to catch up, and instead of waiting for someone to come be my friend I would go make friends on my own. Instead of looking at the glass half empty I looked at it as half full. Every time I was thrown to the ground I got back up. I continued with effort and did not let failure stop me from getting where I wanted to be.


  2. I believe that through hard work and perseverance anything can be achieved. Almost everyday you experience some sort of challenges that you can overcome through hard work. No matter what your goal is, whether it is big or small, it can certainly be attained through perseverance and working hard.

    I run hurdles in track and field and we experience good days and bad days. There are days where I have thought about giving up because I was not able to do what my coach wanted me to do or I was not hitting my times that I wanted to get, but I would always remind myself that times can get hard but only the best is yet to come if I keep on working. At every practice I worked as hard as I could and never quit because I wanted to be the best, so I put in the work to be the best. At meets where I had extremely good competition I always felt so determined to prove to everyone that the time and effort that I had put into my practice was all worth it. At the biggest meet for me which was our conference or divisional meet, all of the hard work that I had put into this year finally prevailed and I took first in both high and low hurdles. This shows that through hard work and perseverance anything can be fulfilled.

    Through running year round, there are always times that you will experience some form of injury. I have suffered from a dislocated knee, IT band problems, shin splints, headaches, and migraines. I have always come back from each injury stronger than I was before. This shows how working hard and being resilient through those tough times can lead to achieving your goals. This is why I believe that hard work and perseverance can help anyone achieve their goals and dreams if they really want them.


    • Your story really speaks to me because I can relate to it, but for me it was swim team. I got injured and had 4 herniated discs and a cyst on my spine but I worked really hard to push through so that I could be the best captain of my team and show them all that if I could do it then they could to.


  3. This I believe
    Many people frequently ask me how I have reached my level of positivity throughout my past and present hardships. To understand how to be positive you need to understand what it means. If you look up the definition of positivity online you will get an answer as follows. Positivity is “The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude”. Many people believe that being positive or “happy” is just something you are born with. When my friends ask me how I always happen to be happy whenever they see me I tell them that I’m not always happy it’s just that I choose to be happy simply based on the fact that my problems aren’t as significant as I see them to be. To be happy you need to practice or in simpler words work on your happiness as said in the definition I provided. I believe that anyone can rewire their emotions to be significantly happier even if they just pretend to smile or have a good time.

    This, however, will not work if the individual is suffering from depression. From an article, I have read If an individual who is suffering from depression puts on a happy face to neglect his sadness it would be called “smiling depression” it is the act of appearing happy to others while internally suffering depressive symptoms it has become increasingly popular over the years. People with smiling depression could feel better if they smile or laugh at depressing times but it would only make them feel better temporarily. I believe that my method of being positive can only help when the problem that makes the individual unhappy doesn’t influence their life.

    Too keep this short I believe in happiness which is the tendency to find it in yourself to look at your problems from a higher and lower perspective, to see those who are less fortunate in life and compare their problems with yours and to see after all that your problems are not as significant as you let them be.


  4. I believe in Perseverance. As a High School student, I had persevered through many hard times in my life. Most of which was what was happening to the loved ones around me: My Parents divorced, my house sold, and the death of my Grandfather, all during freshman year. All of which had put enormous stress onto me, trying to break my spirit and self-determination. But I refused. I continued to strive, studying many hours and doing countless assignments to maintain my grades that I had rightfully earned. While I was able to overcome those difficult situations, my greatest challenge was yet to come.

    My greatest challenge started in October of 2016. I had started feeling sick with extreme tiredness, abdominal pain, and lack of appetite. After frequent visits to the E.R. and multiple tests, they finally diagnosed me with Severe Crohn’s Disease. Crohn’s Disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that never goes away. Each visit to the hospital caused me to miss many weeks of school, interfering with all my classes. Everyday I persevered, staying after each day to catch up even managing to achieve honors. After many months, I finally was given a treatment for my symptoms, which is still successful today. While it was tough to manage everything, I relied on family and friends to stay positive everyday. Persevering through our toughest moments can be a great challenge, but through those moments, comes reward and a chance to strengthen yourself.


  5. I believe that through hard work and commitment anything is possible. Perseverance is defined when people who are facing challenges in their lives use their mind and body to solve their conflicts. I believe perseverance is important because it drives us to achieve higher goals in life academically, emotionally, and physically. In high school, anytime I was faced with an obstacle, I was able to persevere in order to accomplish my goals of having a good academic year. Without perseverance, my high school year would most likely have been a failure because I would probably have given up the moment I faced a problem. In high school, I was always reminded by friends and family members that goals are not given, that you must work for those goals.

    The dedication to keep going no matter what is an essential trait that I believe everybody should have. The word Perseverance is not giving up no matter how hard something may seem. In order to achieve your goals and dreams, you will definitely face difficulties in the way; but, with perseverance, you will be determined to get through it with hard work and determination. You will always be determined to find ways to overcome your problems thanks to it.

    Life is full of obstacles, and those obstacles should not stop you from doing what you love or what you want to achieve in life. With perseverance, anyone can reach the sky. In spite of any obstacles or distractions you get in life, perseverance will help you overcome them and ultimately, succeed.

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    • I agree completely with your definition of perseverance, how you must keep trying and don’t let any obstacles stop you from reaching your goals. I relate with your high school story, in that if it weren’t for friends and family there to remind you to keep on trying, I too would have given up when I was faced with adversity. Ultimately, without perseverance, people would give up at the first sign of trouble, and nothing would ever be accomplished, and none of our own personal goals could be reached.


  6. Perseverance is an essential trait for people to have. Without perseverance, people would simply give up the second life gets rough. The world is a hard place. There are going to be bumps and curves in the road but that’s what makes the journey special. I believe that a person’s ability to thrive in the face of adversity is an important part of life.

    In my life, I have faced many challenges. One of the hardest things for me was when I moved to a new town the summer before my freshman year of high school. Freshman year is hard on everyone: we’re growing up and taking a step into the next chapter of our lives. For me, it was much harder because I felt like I was going through it alone. Everyone already knew each other and it made me feel like an outsider. My 14 year old self was so shy and uncomfortable. In comparison to everyone else, it seemed that I was so far behind so I never spoke up in class. I felt alone and hopeless so I gave up. I didn’t really try in class and I stayed home a lot. I hit a low point in my life.

    It wasn’t until the end of my freshman year when I began to get more comfortable and confident. By the time that sophomore year rolled around, I had pulled my grades up, improved my GPA, and began to participate more. I was mentally better too. I had gotten out of that negative mind set that set me in my slump. Perseverance helped me do well in high school so that I could continue on with the next chapter of my life: a nursing major in college. College will bring about its own challenges, but we are all in the same boat and starting off new. Perseverance allows a person to grow, mature, get stronger. It’s just important to remind yourself that you’re strong and able to get through whatever life throws at you.

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    • Chloe, thank you for sharing your difficult time. I also moved to a new, larger school for my freshman year and I understand how it can be overwhelming. I am proud of you for working through the hard patch and overcoming your slump. I am also in the nursing program as well, so I will see you around!


  7. At eighteen I have begun to understand who I am, as humans our personalities are ever changing. At this point in my life I can proudly say that I’ve raised my three kids. My siblings: Ten, eight, and six. I will do everything in my power to give them a humble upbringing.
    At seventeen I spent a month in Tufts Hospital recovering from the removal of an acoustic neuroma. Upon coming home also came with the inability to walk or even raise my head, physical therapy was my savior. Friends popped in to visit-the kids father came home from a late night. We screamed, and my brain felt like jello.
    Fifteen was tough, Papa passed, as well as my lifetime best friend. Cancer. It made me question the world, how it works, and why it seemed that bad things only happened to good people. Zach was my first friend, we followed different paths but always kept in touch; Losing him was odd, we were just kids. It wasn’t fair. When Papa passed people said “only the good die young”. It was ignorant.
    Christmas Eve 2012 my mother woke me at three in the morning, she received a call. My dad had committed suicide. We laid in my bed, sobbed, and fell asleep, things changed: Christmas wasn’t a holiday, it was a burden.
    What allowed me to persevere is no matter the situation, it can always be worse, so you must move forward, this value that will shape my kids lives.


  8. I could feel each individual beat of my heart against my chest. I had done plenty of public speaking before, but never like this. I had never told my story to a room full of people, but I refused to be buried in silence any longer. I took a deep breath. When I spoke my first word the rest flooded out. I believed I could, and the game changed.

    When I was in high school, I found myself in an abusive relationship. It wasn’t the type of relationship that leaves you with just bruised arms or broken bones, it was the type that leaves you with a bruised mind and a broken spirit. It was the kind that pulled me away from everything and everyone I cared for. It brought me to my lowest point. I struggled to find a way to ask for help. When I finally gained the courage to leave the abuser, I knew I had a long road of recovery ahead. I was desperate to find something to help me understand what I had been through. I found myself through yoga and programs offered at my school. Finding a support system is crucial to all forms of recovery.

    When I concluded my speech, I received a standing ovation from the crowd. In that moment, standing in front of 300 people, some smiling, some crying, I realized that sharing my story was never just about me: it was about those who needed to hear it. It taught me that if I was strong enough to feel my pain, then I was strong enough to do something with my pain. I believe our society needs more safe places for people suffering from any kind of situation to express themselves and grow through their pain. The more I share my story, the more in control I become. I’ve learned that going through things you never thought you’d go through will take you to places you never thought you’d get to.

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  9. Throughout life, there are many strenuous obstacles and challenges that we have to overcome and we all have different ways of persevering through them. It could be talking to someone, exercising, writing, or being artistic. Personally, what persists me is when people don’t believe that I can conquer a task, and then having the satisfaction of proving them wrong as my reward.

    The summer going into my junior year, I was at a national bowling tournament and I had never done as great as I did that year. I made the top ten, I advanced on to match play, I couldn’t ask for anything more. It was day one of the advancers round. I won my first match play, lost my second. Once you lose two matches, you are out of the bracket. Day two comes, and I had lost my second match. Despite how upset I was, I didn’t realize how much I persisted to get as far as I did. The summer going into my sophomore year, I had done the same tournament and only placed 105 out of 360 competitors my age. Going into my junior year I tied for ninth place out of 327 competitors. What kept me going was knowing that people didn’t believe in me because of how low profile my name was compared to everyone else that was competing.

    Ever since that year, I’ve been called a diamond in the rough because I never had the money to go and do big named tournaments, unlike all the girls I competed with, but I had skills as good as they did. Knowing that my name wasn’t very well known and being able to say that I made the top ten at a national event, I’m satisfied with that and how I proved all the people that doubted me wrong. That was my reward.


    • There is no better victory than proving those who doubted you wrong, second only to proving your self right. I am a dancer and I had to work for everything, I was not naturally talented but I knew how to work hard and the biggest driving force was showing other people that their perception of me and my abilities was wrong. Thanks for sharing your story!


  10. “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” –Thomas Jefferson. I believe in hard work; working for what you want in life instead of wishing and waiting for something to happen that may lead you to what you want. You make your life what it is and only you can change it. That may be changing one small thing during your day to make yourself happier or healthier. Hard work builds character and confidence in yourself, knowing that you can work through anything. You will be ready to take on anything that life throws at you and fight till you cannot fight anymore. Being a handworker is a mindset more than anything. You have to set your mind on a goal and strive for that goal every single day. Everything you do in your day has to be driven by that goal. You have to teach yourself to love every single day and learn to love and accept the challenges of the world, and challenge them to come at you head on. You are ready to work through those challenges on a daily basis if you set your mind to be ready and prepared for the work of the world you have ahead of you. The world is fueled by hard work; it was built on hard work and continues to be improved every single day because of people who take every challenge head first and work to get through it.


  11. The Value of Hard Work
    Growing up in a home where I was a first-generation American, means that many values were ingrained in me from my experiences in a home where we were all learning what it was like to have a life in America. This meant that learning the value of a dollar and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, both values that I live by that my family has taught me since immigrating to this country. My parents are the hardest workers I know and this was truly demonstrated to me by the time I was at the age of seven and they had built their own thriving business in our city. Never have I gone hungry nor undergone the struggles my family encountered during their childhoods in their home countries. I have also had the opportunity to travel across the globe, from Israel to Portugal where I truly had some of my greatest life experiences. In Israel, I was blessed to experience some of the most fascinating sights of the world such as sunset in Jerusalem behind the golden dome and a hike on the Masada cliff. Through witnessing what my parents were able to achieve when they first started with nothing, has pushed me to strive and achieve anything I set my mind on to achieve. Not only have these experiences molded my perspectives on life and my maturity level from a young age, but taught me to value life each day that it comes so that I can appreciate the world around me.


    • Thank you so much for sharing Delilah! I can relate to your post because I also grew up in a home as the first-generation American and my parents were my biggest role models. They never failed to keep a roof above my head and food in the fridge. I look up to my parents the same way you do and I am so thankful that they always pushed me to do better.


  12. Persistence

    I have been skateboarding which feels like forever now and have learned some valuable lessons about life in general. Just like with learning anything in life, skateboarding takes some time and I mean a long time to progress. I believe however, every goal is completely dependent on persistence and your own mentality.

    When learning a new trade, things can be confusing and very overwhelming at first. When I started skating and saw someone do a kickflip for the first time, I was baffled. Then I lost my mind just trying the trick. I just wanted to know it all from the start and I would get discouraged while watching the really talented skaters.

    Over time with persistence and learning new tricks, I realized that comparing your own skills to someone else’s is completely unnecessary and was part of what was causing that certain discouragement. I notice many people doing this on the daily with all sorts of things.

    I began focusing on every single small improvement with skateboarding. It was just that small mental change that had helped motivate me and I am continuing to improve to this day. I am actually more and more motivated every day and love to see my friends improvements. It is a matter of recognizing where you are at in the process, whether it pertains to education, pursuing a degree, life goals, etc. It is about the small successes in the big picture. Everything takes time and with time comes skill and mastery.

    What I want everyone reading this to remember is to mainly always persist and to eliminate the thought of comparing yourself to others. Many people do this subconsciously and don’t even realize it. I believe that any goal to be achieved is worth the hard work, practice, and persistence necessary. This I believe.

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  13. I believe in perseverance. In the dictionary, the meaning of perseverance is persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Throughout my childhood, my parents always told me to never give up no matter how many times I fail. To this day that advice has impacted my life drastically. It has given me a positive outlook on everything I do whether I receive the outcome I want or not. With such an attitude, you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. No matter the obstacle, a mind wired with perseverance will overcome anything in their way even after multiple failures. This trait is necessary for all humans because the world we live in is full of hardships and everything must be earned. We live in a time where life can chew you up and spit you out and without determination or perseverance, your wants will only become dreams and wishes.

    In my life, I have faced many challenges and obstacles that not every teenager has to deal with. High school itself is not the easiest thing in the world, but attending 4 different high schools in 4 years was a huge challenge I had to face. Making new friends, trying to adjust to the pace of a new school, trying out for a sport, and joining clubs was one hundred times harder for me than any other high school student. Consistently moving was tough but thanks to my upbringing on perseverance and never giving up, I can proudly say I survived. I did have times where I would be behind with my schoolwork and times where I was looked at weird because I was the “new girl”. Even during those times I stayed positive and kept trying. I tried out for the team the next year, I consistently went to tutoring to catch up, and instead of waiting for someone to come be my friend I would go make friends on my own. Instead of looking at the glass half empty I looked at it as half full. Every time I was thrown to the ground I got back up. I continued with effort and did not let failure stop me from getting where I wanted to be.


  14. I Believe that You’re Not Alone

    I have seen firsthand how drugs impact not only the life of the addict, but how it affects an entire family. My father began using drugs when I was seven years old. I’ve lost two uncles within a year and a half due to their struggles of addiction and I currently have family members struggling in their recovery. For years my sister and I believed that we were the only kids being raised in that type of environment. According to the National Institute on Drug and Abuse “It’s estimated that 25 percent of youth under 18 are exposed to family alcohol abuse or dependence.” Meaning when I was walking the hallways of my high school, every fourth person could have known someone suffering from addiction. The NDIA goes on to explain that children who grow up in these types of environment are more likely to develop anxiety, depression and other emotional issues that can lead to them replicating their parent’s behaviors by using drugs or alcohol early on in their own lives. I’m fortunate enough to have a supportive family that encourages me to do well in school and motivates me to have a healthy and productive future. Unfortunately, many teens in similar situations do not have this support, which is why I was determined to create a peer-to-peer support group at my high school for students who had a loved one suffering from addiction.

    After months of planning and meetings with my high school and local organizations the support group was finally approved. I remember sitting in my room crossing out names that didn’t seem right when it finally came to me; You’re Not Alone. Three simple words, yet I knew that sometimes that’s all a person needed to hear.

    Our first meeting, one girl walked in and sat down. As time went on, I started to feel discouraged and frustrated. I felt like I wasted my time, I put everything I had into this group for only one person to show up. When it was her turn to speak, she began to tell her story with tears in her eyes. My heart immediately broke for her and I found myself crying as well. That’s when I realized it didn’t matter how many people showed up. Even if I was able to help just one person, that would be enough for me.

    The You’re Not Alone support group began running weekly meetings back in October and continued through the rest of the school year. The group started to grow in numbers, and I hope it continues to thrive throughout the years with my guidance. This is something that is very important to me and my goal is to continue to spread the message that you’re not alone. I believe in nothing more than the power of helping others. I started this group to help students who were suffering from a loved one’s addiction, but I never thought that they would help me. I never truly knew how much my father’s addiction affected my everyday life. This group has helped me believe that I am strong, brave, and can do anything I set my mind to. I don’t have to be another statistic because the cycle ends here. I know I’m not alone.


    • Dear Chloe, You show the power of a single person. Than you for sharing your story and this statistical evidence, which make for a compelling argument about why you should continue the You’re Not Alone group at UMassD!


  15. I believe in perseverance. The way my parents lived is nothing like how I’m living now. My mother grew up in Jamaica living in a two bedroom apartment and had to share a room with her brothers and sisters. She didn’t have a real childhood where you would take family vacations, get in trouble with your friends, and whatever else you would do to just enjoy being a kid‍. She took on adult responsibilities at an early age like wash, cook, and clean. My mom didn’t have the luxury to get dropped off at school so she had to walk miles to get there. She even had to pay for school, books, and uniforms all on her own. My dad on the other hand, was born and raised in Dorchester, Ma. His father passed away when he was 12. He was the oldest out of 3 children and all the kids slept in one bedroom. Until the age of 14 him and his family moved to Brockton. They didn’t have a lot of money but my dad wasn’t worried about that, he was all about his family and making sure everyone was good… Perseverance is the persistence in doing something despite difficulties and obstacles in order to achieve success. To me my parents are the definition of perseverance. Despite their hardships growing up, it didn’t stop them from receiving education and getting a good job. My dad is a manager at National Grid and my mom is a respiratory therapists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Growing up, I’ve heard “your the richest black person” from so many of my friends; and that would get me mad because why does skin tone even matter to be wealthy. I believe as long as you work hard (no matter what race) in the career you pursue then you will be awarded, and that’s what my parents did. My sister and I are never in need of anything because my parents go to work everyday to provide for us so we wouldn’t have the life they had.


    • Shantel, Thank you for reminding us of the power of hard work and the privilege we often have as Americans. It sounds like your parents are incredible role-models.


  16. I believe that there is a reason for everything that happens in a person’s life. Whether it is something good or something bad there is a reason for why it happened. Life is meant to test you in ways you will never see coming, but you are meant to learn and eventually grow from all of these setbacks. Growing up I was faced with many challenges early on from my parents getting a divorce at the age of seven to being diagnosed with depression three years later. I have learned now that all of that was meant to test my strength and willingness to improve and better myself. My biggest setback in life is something I will have to deal with everyday for the rest of my life, being transgender. Identifying this way has put an easy target on my back to being bullied by my peers who do not understand that this is not something I chose to be. I was born this way and I have learned to come to terms with it because I believe that god chose me to overcome all the hate and discrimination. He did this in order to help me grow into a person who takes pride in their identity and who doesn’t submit to people’s hate. After being through so much and finding my own moral values, I have learned to accept all this things that happen in my life as there is a reason why I was put in that situation and I grow from them.


  17. I believe in failure.

    As I placed the small metal marble into the pocket, I felt a sense of impending failure, a feeling I had felt after hundreds of failed attempts. I hadn’t even drawn back the arm and set it in place when the ball slipped free of the pocket and rolled aimlessly down the hallway until it came to rest in front of a cabinet. As I went to grab it, my feet dragging behind me, I began to question if my trebuchet was ever going to work, I stopped and looked up into the cabinet my teacher had told us about months before. Full of miscellaneous parts, jumbles of wires, and creations that had long since been turned on and used stared back at me. They were the greatest accomplishments of past students in our Engineering Technology Class, the trophies that symbolized the kind of success that students strived for in this class. Our teacher claimed these to be the greatest accomplishments the class has seen. Not just because of the success they experienced, but also because of the thousands of failures their creators endured and fought through. Learning every step of the way in order to fine tune their machine to near perfection, and then fine tune it some more. From day one, our teacher preached the importance of failure to the class, because you can fail at something thousands of times, but you can only succeed once. And everytime you fail, you eliminate one of the thousands of mistakes you can make and come one step closer to success.

    Throughout my 4 years in this course, I changed the way I looked at my mistakes. Instead of seeing my failures as roadblocks that pushed me farther from my goals, I now see them as stepping stones bringing me closer to my dreams no matter how far away they seem to be. I now look to fail, knowing that you can’t succeed without trying, and if I fail, that means I tried and now know what not to do to succeed. I now use these teachings every day of my life, and it has given me a brand new perspective on how to look at life. If I hadn’t, I probably would have given up and accepted failure, moving on to another program and leaving my engineering aspirations behind. But because of what I was told the day I walked into his classroom, I am still here, enjoying every failure I experience and continuing to fight to reach my goals no matter the roadblocks I encounter. I chose to walk back to that trebuchet and continue to fail, knowing that everytime I did I came a step closer to succeeding. And now I have failed thousands of times more on the path to becoming the person I am today, and it has brought me closer to becoming the person I want to become later in my life.


  18. Perseverance is something I experienced in my sophomore year of high school. Unfortunately, I experienced it the hard way. During that year I had a concussion playing football. The severity of my injury had a huge toll on my normal activities, it cost me the ability to do many things that I would be able to do, but it also taught me very precious life lessons, which I still learn from until today. The extent of my injury, forced me to be out of school for three months which meant that I fell behind in my classes, but it also affected my ability to do activities outside of school. The injury and the complications it brought with it, did certainly seem like a dark period in my life at the time. However, looking back has taught me that this period of my life was one which changed my perspective about many things in life and has taught me valuable life lessons which helped to make me the aspirational person I am today.

    Another thing that I have experienced from perseverance is through my parent’s sacrifices and struggles, my parents have taught me the meaning of hard work and perseverance in order to achieve one’s goals and dreams. When my parents opened up a pizza shop. I was given the responsibility to try and help them start the business because they did not know English. This immense experience taught me essential life skills like responsibility, commitment, and hard work at a very young age which has helped in carving me into the person that I am today. This lesson of leadership is one which I carried with me throughout High School and hopefully through college where I was very involved in my Football Team as a starting lineman and the Volleyball team. This has taught me that one must always have their heart set on a goal and should do everything they can in their power until they achieve it.


  19. Speaking from personal triumph, anything is possible with hard work and a little determination. This I believe.

    Tutus, pointe shoes, sparkling tiaras, twirling and leaping gracefully across a stage. Visions of a ballerina danced in my head. But that’s all it was, a vision. Some background, I have always been and still am my own biggest critic. Ballet, my entire life, had always been my biggest passion. After school I raced off to ballet class and weekends were dedicated to rehearsals. Twenty plus hours a week were dedicated to ballet and I was often missing birthday parties, school dances and nights out with friends because of it. Any talent, as some may call it, I had was because I worked for it. Ballet never came easy but I new I had a lot of determination and self-discipline to make myself stand out from the rest. Never have I been one to brag about my own abilities, rather believing I could always do better and improve but on a small scale I did believe I had some talent. When I came of an age to start thinking about what was instore for the future I never told anybody that I dreamed of dancing in a professional ballet company. A realist more than a dreamer, I never even let myself consider it as a possibility and so the vision stayed just that, a vision.

    At seventeen, I spent my first summer away from my home studio for some new training and exposure. At the end of the five week session a professional with the company who had taught some classes sought me out to ask if I had considered auditioning for the company myself. It turns out, not yet graduated from high school I fell just shy of the required age to be considered but he didn’t hesitate to let me know that he saw a lot of potential in me as a dancer and that it was something to consider for the following year. That was the first time I really let myself believe I was talented and it did get the wheels turning in my head. Maybe after high school I didn’t have to give up ballet, maybe I could get into a company. The high didn’t last long once the summer was over. My twin sister and our friends were all choosing colleges and majors I felt foolish admitting that I had other ideas and so I joined them. I picked a school, I placed a deposit and I even attended its overnight orientation but the idea of continuing ballet was an ever present thought. What if I was capable? Who was I to tell myself I wasn’t good enough? College wasn’t going anywhere, people go back to school everyday, but to walk away from dance and come back is unheard of.

    I finally let myself dream and the world opened up. Thanks to amazing family and friends who only ever supported me I took a leap. I once again attended the summer intensive with the company from the previous summer, but this time as a candidate for the company. For five long weeks I was watched by the faculty and Artistic Director who would decide if my dreams would become reality. In September of 2018, I was eighteen years old and the youngest dancer with Festival Ballet Providence. A vision, became a dream and I made that dream a reality and I never looked back. I proved to myself four years ago that there is no such thing as a dream that’s too big and I continued to prove to myself that anything is possible. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work but nothing good ever came easy.

    Where am I now? I am twenty-two years old and I’m about to tackle dream number two, nursing school.


  20. I believe that persistence and perseverance are crucial when it comes down to achieving goals or becoming successful with anything in life. Going into my freshman year of college, I know that the path I am taking with a nursing major won’t be particularly easy but I have had to work hard for everything in my life.
    From being raised by a single parent with three other siblings, I have watched my mom struggle on more than one occasion but most of the time we would struggle together. However, as I grew older I began to realize how much strength and perseverance it had taken her to be the person and mother she is now. My mother has a strong drive for always doing what she could to provide for three children on her own.
    Despite all odds, with the same determination that my mom had to strive to be the best person she could be, I know I will be more than capable to make it through college. Being the first person in my family to go to college has been challenging in more ways than one. Just the whole process of applying and choosing a college was hard enough because it includes hard and stressful decisions that no one in my family knew how to help with. As a result of having the motive to succeed, I was able to get through all of the hardships that came along with getting ready to go to college and even putting in effort to make more out of myself than my family was able to because I have the strength to persevere.


  21. I believe that perseverance shines through when no one is watching. While I am alone, with no audience is when everything matters. The effort and the hard-work I put into overcoming my battles while no one is watching is perseverance. We tend to only push ourselves to be the best when eyes are around us, and we are suddenly put under pressure. It’s not the hard-work that others see that matters, it’s when I depend on my own will to succeed when perseverance shines through.
    When I first began to take indoor cycling classes comparing myself to the riders around me was the only way I pushed myself to be better. Every class I would leave feeling disappointed in what everyone else could do, but I couldn’t. The only times I would push myself to pedal faster was when I felt other riders watching my movements. It was not until I began to feel stagnant with my growth in cycling that I realized that I needed to focus on myself. I knew that when the lights were low and no one was around I needed to still give it my all. I needed to begin cycling for my own happiness and enjoyment, and not to look good in front of others. This is when I began cycling outside of classes, alone. I began to push myself beyond my limits even though no one was around. This is perseverance. This is giving my all even when I felt like I couldn’t, when no one was watching. This mentally and physically made me not only a stronger rider, but a stronger worker and student. I learned that what matters the most is when I persevere through hardships on my own when no one is around, I am pushing myself to do my best even though no one is watching.

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  22. I believe in hard work and perseverance. We would have gotten almost nowhere as a society without the perseverance of those pioneers and inventors before us. Perseverance means doing whatever has to be done in order to accomplish your goals, no matter what , and dealing with whatever obstacles that might get in the way to achieving the end goal. Not much in todays society comes free. Hard work and perseverance are skills that are becoming increasingly important to have. I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “Anything is possible,” and that is very true. If you are truly determined enough and you really preserver, then you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Not only that, but others will appreciate your hard work and perseverance, it could even end up positively impacting your future. All around, perseverance is a great tool to have because who really knows the limits?

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  23. Perseverance means to never give up no matter the odds, and I really learned what that was during July of 2015. My little gray tabby cat had given birth to six healthy kittens, or so we thought. Around a week after they were born, we brought them in for a check up, as it turned out one had an upper respiratory infection. This meant that she could not nurse off her mother, since she could not breath through her nose. The vet offered to have the kitten stay with her since it wasn’t going to make it, and to spare us the stress. That wasn’t happening, not on my watch.
    I searched up and down the internet for tips and helpful guides to understand what I needed to do to keep this kitten alive. I went to a pet store bought a nipple syringe, and kitten milk formula. The kitten had to be fed every three hours. You can bed everything you owed I fed that kitten every 3 hours. Day after day, night after night, I fed that kitten slowly and carefully, sometimes it would take up to twenty minutes to feed her one full syringe. I was sleepless for nights, but it was right every time I saw her sleeping the box with her brothers and sisters. Never once did I think it wasn’t worth it.
    I fed that kitten until it her infection was cleared, and he could nurse again,I was so relieved. Not because I was finally able to sleep, not that I didn’t have to mix up formula all day, but I was relieved because I knew she was safe, and seeing her finally open her blue kitten eyes made for the first time, I knew every waking hour worth it. She now lives a nice healthy life, all thanks to a little boy who persevered through exhausting nights, to make sure a kitten saw the light of day


  24. Perseverance, determination, dedication, you could even call it insanity, but if it’s what you want then do other people’s opinions really matter? I could keep being cheesy but it’s time for a bit of backstory. For the past who knows how long I’ve been gaming. Most of the time between eight to twelve hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In 2018 I spent 2091 hours playing games, that’s about 87 days or nearly 3 months. I believe that hard work pays off. You never know how close you are to breaking through that barrier that is stopping you until it happens, but if you give up halfway through, you may never find out that if you kept going that extra mile or two you would have made it. So even if you think you have no chance to be the best of the best, you will never know unless you keep on trying, you won’t have a chance to stand with the Tom Bradys or Jeff Bezos. Let the people who didn’t think you could make it stay over in their little corner while you walk that red carpet to success, but you cannot forget where you came from and who helped you reach the top, even if it’s just your parents or your close friends.


  25. Perseverance in anxiety

    Perseverance is to be “persistent in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.”

    Perseverance is persistence, determination, and purposefulness of one’s efforts in a task that seems daring.

    Anxiety is the suffocating fear, “excessive, and persistent worry about everyday situations”

    For me, perseverance is a recurring ability I need to seek every day of my life. My life is definitely spiraling out of control from time to time, but that’s what my anxiety whispers to me. In situations where it seems like my life will end, or I will never make it to where I want to be, I know that the outcome will be rewarding as I will have learned something. I believe that perseverance is something gained, but I believe that everyone can gain it.

    I have been dealing with anxiety since the age of just nine. I have felt what it’s like to have a panic attack at the age of fifteen. I know the fear, the gut feeling that there is no light, no hope and that you are alone. These are things I had to learn to cope with. I had to realize I am NOT alone. I have endured emotional abuse from people closest to me, I have seen mistreatment, I have been manipulated in my own home. I have been told I am not good enough, that I’m not up to their standards. I live in a highly toxic home where every move I make, every thought and action is an argument waiting to happen. Perseverance is what taught me to keep going. You get through it. It might not stop, it may never stop. You will always find struggle, but where you find struggle you find resolve. I am still here today because I know I deserve to be here. I continue to shine my light on others, stand up to the abuse, and carry on with who I am.

    As an 18-year-old girl, who still struggles with anxiety, I have taken these emotional blows with purposefulness, knowing there is light at the end of a tunnel. To this date, I advocate for better lifestyles, for better mindsets for everyone. I want everyone to know there is hope, and there is always a way out, a light shining down on you, you just have to be persistence in your struggles and gain your perseverance. There can never be a bad ending if you steer your story where you want it to go.


  26. Throughout anyone’s life there are always going to be difficult times that they must learn to overcome. The idea of perseverance has always been in my life and something I follow each and everyday, to never quit and continue to pursue my goals despite what comes in my way. In this world, I believe perseverance is one of the most important attributes to have because through persevering, you gain knowledge for other experiences that may arise in your lifetime, and learn to overcome them rather than wanting to give up.

    I remember first moving to America from my home country, a little kid with big dreams but a whole different background and a language barrier that kept me from making new friends, being bullied, or failing classes due to not being able to understand. As time went on, I learned to persevere and learn English in order to do better in class but mostly it was to help out my mother who struggled to learn English and the function of a community that was different from her own. Growing up I learned to persevere through other difficult times. Although I had friends, I still continued to be put down and bullied by others and this continued up until my eight grade year of middle school when I learned to stick up for myself. Now, as a soon to be college freshman, through persevering I was able to make it this far and will continue to pursue my dreams and goals despite what comes in my way.

    I believe perseverance is important. Through the most difficult times, I learned to persevere like many others in this world. Some go through different situations, but without perseverance society would be completely different and have less accomplishments.


  27. I believe in the Law of Attraction/Universal law. Ultimately this helps me believe in myself, and trust in the guidance of the Universe to pull me into the best situations and experiences. The beginning of this year I started reading more books about Universal Law and exactly how it works regarding an individual. Starting on those books, I later got interested in numerology and angelic following, finding how numbers and energy works in our daily lives. I realized that the Law of Attraction was real once I started affirming the things I desire. Everyday I would wake up and read my ten Affirmations that I wrote for myself and acted as if my desires were already there. I would start with “ I am grateful for…” and would fill the blank with something that I wish I had. Soon enough I manifested three things off my list within a six month span of repeating my affirmations. I realized the power of believing and a little hard work make manifestation real. I once asked my brother,” Do you believe Manifestation is real?” he replied with,”no”. I explained to him that everything takes thought. Since he plays basketball for his school, I explained to him ,”something made you think to go and try out for the basketball team, whether it was Mom or a peer, you thought of it. A simple thought can manifest itself into reality and that is how you are on your team. No matter how big or small your desire is, the art of believing in yourself and your abilities is what is going to take you places.


  28. Perseverance is the ability to push through the many obstacles life throws at us. Many use perseverance as a measurement of success, since it shows how much we are willing to sacrifice or even give up to achieve some of our biggest dreams in life.

    In my life I use my goals as fuel to push me through obstacles I come across. An example of this is when my Grandfather passed away. It felt like my world was crashing down and a role model of my life was now gone. I knew my Grandfather wouldn’t have wanted me to feel this way but instead would have wanted me to be strong and remain focussed on my family and my goals in life. This was my fuel, and it allowed me to persevere through this difficult time.

    Struggles are inevitable in our lives, there are no ways to avoid them but, there are ways to persevere through them. It is important that we always remind ourselves of our goals in life. Thankfully we all have the ability to dream of our goals, which allows us to visualize how rewarding our perseverance can be.

    It is also crucial that we all find something in our lives that helps us push through these difficult times. Whether it is a family member, friend, or even something as simple as food. Family and friends will always be there to help us keep our eyes on the prize during these dark times. We must remain focused during these times, and remind ourselves that in the end this perseverance will pay off. In the end nothing will feel better than achieving our goals in life.


  29. I believe in perseverance. In the dictionary, the meaning of perseverance is persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Throughout my childhood, my parents always told me to never give up no matter how many times I fail. To this day that advice has impacted my life drastically. It has given me a positive outlook on everything I do whether I receive the outcome I want or not. With such an attitude, you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. No matter the obstacle, a mind wired with perseverance will overcome anything in their way even after multiple failures. This trait is necessary for all humans because the world we live in is full of hardships and everything must be earned. We live in a time where life can chew you up and spit you out and without determination or perseverance, your wants will only become dreams and wishes.

    In my life, I have faced many challenges and obstacles that not every teenager has to deal with. High school itself is not the easiest thing in the world, but attending 4 different high schools in 4 years was a huge challenge I had to face. Making new friends, trying to adjust to the pace of a new school, trying out for a sport, and joining clubs was one hundred times harder for me than any other high school student. Consistently moving was tough but thanks to my upbringing on perseverance and never giving up, I can proudly say I survived. I did have times where I would be behind with my schoolwork and times where I was looked at weird because I was the “new girl”. Even during those times I stayed positive and kept trying. I tried out for the team the next year, I consistently went to tutoring to catch up, and instead of waiting for someone to come be my friend I would go make friends on my own. Instead of looking at the glass half empty I looked at it as half full. Every time I was thrown to the ground I got back up. I continued with effort and did not let failure stop me from getting where I wanted to be. If I did not persevere I would not be where I am today and I would still be letting the hardships of my past block me from my growth.


  30. I believe in perseverance. I believe in bettering oneself through struggling and learning from hard times. Back when I used to live in the Dominican Republic things used to be a lot harder and I saw and experienced things that most people in the US won’t see in their lifetime. I learned quickly that I couldn’t let experiences bring me down and that I must learn from them. For example, when I was 7 years old, I moved from the Dominican Republic to the US with my siblings and father. I had to say goodbye to all my best friends, home, and most importantly my mom. Leaving my mom behind was is the hardest thing I’ve had to go through. She was a stay at home mom so her presence in my life was huge. The first couple of years in the US were hard for me. I had to learned to be independent because most of the time it was just me and my siblings alone while my father was working. I didn’t have any friends for the first 3 years I was here. Even though I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t let that bring me down. I worked my butt off in school to learn English fast just so I had someone to talk to. Due to all the things I’ve been through is why I am who is am today. Instead of letting these bad experiences ,and much more, put me down I used them to fuel me in life and I wouldn’t change what I’ve been through because they formed me into the person I am today.


  31. These past few months I’ve come to a realization that no matter how complex one’s personal life may be, the strangers around us exist in a life just as complex. Simultaneously sharing different but similar experiences as our own. This state of sonder supports the discussion of perseverance. This I believe, “ everybody goes through something it’s all about perseverance”. A powerful line first introduced by Polo G, an upcoming artist from Chicago. Perseverance is what builds your character, encourages growth, and births motivation. Life’s test can be extreme in some cases, but it’s the beauty of watching someone bounce back that sometimes inspires another’s road to recovery. It’s a quality rooted in every human being whether they know it or not.

    We all have downfalls, some lower than others. They can start from the minute you learn how to walk or from the moment you’re finally an independent adult. They can be as little as falling while taking your first steps but usually they’re not. With time and age, we base our strength on past experiences and often underestimate ourselves when an obstacle presents itself due to fear. The point is, we are meant to fail sometimes, whether some dare to believe it or not. However, it’s a decision to keep going even if you know you’re going to fail, to keep trying after you’ve failed, t o g e t u p. This is perseverance.

    The pros this quality conceives is powerful. It promotes a feeling of confidence and courage in the presence of any obstacle after a certain point. It encourages a “I believe” attitude within oneself and it is for this reason especially I believe in perseverance.


  32. I believe that having the willingness to persevere throughout life’s inevitable roadblocks and struggles are an essential part to learning and growing as human beings throughout our time on this earth. Whatever the circumstance maybe, or however tough it may be to handle, life throws curveballs at you that you could never have imagined to see coming. Near nothing in life comes easy. You have to put in the work and persevere through what ever life throws your way. The curveball that life threw me was my parents divorce. I never saw it coming and it deeply affected my mental state and academic ability for a few, long years. I always wondered why my parents divorced and what caused it, just slowly trudge through life day to day living in the past. Not wanting to accept what happened and move on and look towards a brighter future. I soon accepted the fact that I had to move on from my parents divorce and just accept things weren’t going to go back to how they used to be and that I my life with them would be a split one. Realizing that dwelling and letting something that I cant change negatively affect me is what helped me persevere, as well as improve and grow to the person I am today.


  33. “Everybody goes through something it’s all about perseverance”- Polo G quoted in a song by my favorite artist at the moment I think it’s a very factual statement everyone has a story and this is a little bit of mine. On February 25 of 2019, my senior year of high school slowly approaching my final spring track season of my high school track career I was so ready, so motivated I had been working hard keeping my grades up solidifying my family and friends relationships when it hit me literally, I was a the pedestrian in a hit and run accident. That night I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance into the trauma unit cat scan and x-ray after various amounts of tests as laid there on that hospital bed witnessing nothing but 20 different doctors and the ceilings for hours they final took off the neck brace I was still in shock of what had happened but I just sat and prayed that I didn’t need surgery for the blood clotting in my right hip or the bleeding in my brain I looked like a completely different person and when my mom walked in I lost it but I pulled it back together I always did and always will. I prayed that I didn’t need surgery because I was determined to run and jump and participate in my senior year spring track season. I finally found out the news I didn’t need surgery I would just need to be on crutches for a couple of weeks the person who hit me was never found but I’m sure karma found them after a couple weeks of physical therapy I was doing better and running again I wasn’t able to jump the state qualifying heights I used to be able to but being able to feel the track under my running spikes again made me feel reborn. I just know within me no obstacle in this world will be put in front of me that can stop me I will stay strong and persevere.


  34. I believe staying positive throughout the most difficult times of your life is necessary in order to achieve your goals. Everyone has experienced an event in their life where they thought an obstacle was too extensive to overcome, however, with dedication and being optimistic those challenges become effortless.

    The past 4 years in high school was not always smooth sailing for me. At the beginning of my freshman year, I lost my grandfather to a heart attack. He was my biggest support system and shared a passion for science with me. He is the reason I want to become a doctor. After his passing, there was a dark cloud that became permanently attached to my body. I had trouble sleeping, managing my school work, and I even began to shut people out. I felt trapped and alone.

    Eventually I realized, containing yourself in a box never makes the challenge disappear, it amplifies it. My grandfather constantly told me, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” I used that quote as motivation to guide me to success. The physical form of my grandfather might be gone, but his spirit lives on within me.

    I decided to continue my dream of becoming a doctor. The dark cloud that was weighing down my shoulders eventually faded away. My family comforted me throughout this whole process. Losing a loved one taught me to keep chasing the sun because the storm will pass anyways. All the memories I shared with him will live on. With perseverance I can get through any obstacle I stumble upon. After all, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, so never forget to keep striving to succeed.


  35. I believe in hard work and perseverance. I believe that relying on raw talent is a waste of potential and that a person should always strive to improve their skills in all areas that they are passionate about.

    Growing up, I was always praised for performing consistently in all my curricular and extracurricular activities. I kept getting good grades, winning competitions and contributing otherwise, but deep down, I knew that I wasn’t trying hard enough. I wasn’t an overachiever, I was just an expert procrastinator. I just kept working the bare minimum to keep myself afloat, and it never felt rewarding.

    Then in my final years of high school, when the school management decided that seniors weren’t allowed to participate in too many extracurricular activities to focus on our studies, I got lazy and didn’t involve myself seriously in any of my hobbies. Eventually, I got worse at things that I used to be good at due to lack of practice. I realized that even though I was working hard, I had never been progressing. I recognized that talent doesn’t matter at all if you don’t work on transforming that innate potential into worthwhile skills. Since then, I have been working hard to be productive and actively learning about things that I care about, like art, music, coding, and so on.

    Skills are like Pokemon. You start off with a particular set but unless you work towards learning more skills and developing them along the way, you’ll have a hard time when you need to compete with other people. And even then, just learning the basics of everything just for the sake of it isn’t enough. You need to figure out what your passions are and focus your energy towards developing yourself in those fields since otherwise, a mindless grind for something that doesn’t motivate you to carry on would just end up being draining rather than enlightening.

    In today’s competitive world, every bit of skill and experience will provide you with an advantage over your peers, so it is important that you always keep trying to improve yourself. Having a solid work-study ethic and staying productive will help you to progress consistently, which will, in turn, motivate you to keep working harder until you reach your goals. There is no substitute for discipline and perseverance. You need to grind hard to play hard, and all your consistent hard work will eventually lead to success.


  36. I believe that perseverance is one of the most crucial and essential traits to have in the pursuit of a fulfilling and happy life. In life we are presented with many unexpected obstacles and challenges that we must overcome on our journey to both success and happiness. It is up to us to persevere through these difficult times despite the difficulty or setbacks we encounter along the way.

    Towards the end of of high school I found myself lost and unsure of what path was meant for me. In my eyes, everyone appeared to have everything figured out; where they were going to school, what they were going to study and what career they wished to have someday. It was an extremely difficult time where I felt I had no direction and faced the impending pressure from family and friends to make a decision. I decided to forgo college at the time and pursue a job in the trades as those in my family had done before me. The times that followed proved to be extremely difficult but also taught me valuable lessons that helped make me who I am today.

    Being tossed from high school out into the working world taught me that everyone and everything is not always what it seems. Working in construction teaches you to develop thick skin quickly. Not everyone has your best interests at heart and the attitudes of people you work with everyday can either make or break you. Once you lose the structure provided to you by grade school and your parents, it is entirely up to you to decide where life takes you.

    Working full-time taught me how to interview successfully, how to communicate respectfully and effectively with authority and the overall value of a hard days work while also acquiring a unique set of skills. Although I had the urge for quite sometime to explore new avenues and pursue higher education while working full time, the idea was constantly shot down when I had presented it to those I thought I could admire or trust. There were very few who offered support, coworkers and even people I considered friends told me that an education was useless and that I wasn’t smart enough. I was constantly told I would never find anything better than what I had. If I was to try anything new in life I also had to be willing to sacrifice the position I had already worked so hard for. It took a great deal of courage to make the decision to apply to school despite having been surrounded by so much doubt and negativity.

    One of the biggest hurdles we may face in life is having the ability to defy the doubt and criticism imposed on us by those around us. Sometimes the people closest to us whether they are colleagues, friends or family will doubt us the most. If we constantly seek validation from others to do what we wish in life we will live someone else’s life, not our own. To stand tall in the face of both failure or doubt regardless of whether or not it is brought on by ourselves or others, I believe is one of the greatest achievements in life and a prime example of perseverance.


  37. I believe with perseverance you can make those difficult tasks seem like nothing. With perseverance anyone has the potential to achieve their strongest desires no matter the difficulty. You can’t expect good results from minimal efforts you have to continue to strive for what you’re seeking even for somewhat impossible goals. You’re not forced to persevere, it’s an optional choice you decide for yourself. You are the one who decides what you believe in and why you’re dedicated to persevering. It’s the thought of accomplishing something you never gave up on is what makes all worth it at the end.

    The best type of perseverance is when you decide what you want for your future and you’re willing to go through punishing obstacles on your journey to success. You’ll fall and stumble but you have the option to get up and keep going even if the odds are against you. For example, Michael Jordan one of the greatest basketball players of all time, an icon also experienced the hardships of perseverance. He decided he wanted to become a basketball player in his years of high school. He was cut from varsity team his sophomore year, but you know what he did, he never gave in and persevered his way to the top.

    Most of the time many attempts are better than the the best because the fact that you don’t stop shows you’re determined to continue after failing countless times. Sometimes viewing others perseverance can you some extra motivation. In the end you have just think and realize this is for you.The reason your persevering is the thought of accomplishing something you’re devoted to doing. I believe anyone is capable of not giving up. You just need you have what it takes when you’re in a bad situation and things don’t go your way. Therefore,I believe in perseverance.


  38. You are my daily driving force. You are the one and only entity that consumes me whole and refuses to spit me back up until I overcome an obstacle I cannot easily tackle on my first attempt. You provide me with the daily optimism and motivation I require in order to complete the day with satisfaction. Even through the stress of understanding complex concepts or
    studying loads of material for a test, you have remained by my side the whole time, cheering me on as I do so.
    Or maybe it is I who drives myself to aim for high grades no matter how mentally frustrated I may become. Maybe I am the one setting high expectations and assuring I exceed them when applicable. Maybe I am the one who coaxes myself not to cease until I know that my duty of completing a task in the highest regard is accomplished. Maybe I am the one who drives myself to actually learn rather than simply remember material for the next exam.
    No, it is not maybe, but rather, a known fact. It is the truth that perseverance has integrated with me, and now we work in harmony. It is almost like having a second personality, or a second brain, or that voice in the back of one’s head. It is by our kinship that we are able to do almost anything that is thrown at us. Thanks to us, we are capable of doing anything I set my mind to.
    And this, I believe.


  39. I Believe that anything is possible when we put our minds to it. We progress with perseverance toward our life’s dreams and goals. You must be persistent, and not give up on your own dreams or goals early on. Work toward it and put your mind to it. And in the end, you’ll accomplish something.

    Even if along the way when you experience problems, you can’t always back down. Sure, we’ve all gotten stressed, frustrated, and sad or mad at things along the way, but don’t let it affect you. Be yourself along the way.

    Don’t give up if you make a mistake. Keep trying. Keep going. The more you try, the further you’ll get, and the sooner you’ll reach your goal. I’ve almost given up many times, thinking that I wasn’t going to reach my goal, but the more you try, the better you’ll get. I’ve always been persistent with the goals I’ve wanted to reach.

    And if you happen to fail and not reach your goal, don’t put yourself down on it. Look back at what you’ve done, and use the experience from the progress you’ve made to go further on another goal. Use your greatest accomplishments or work to help you out.

    And even if you may need some help from time to time, you’ll always have a family member or friend who will support you, and help you reach your goal. Even though they may not always be able to help you on everything, you must have perseverance to continue and reach your goal.

    Stay Persistent, have perseverance, and don’t give up.


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