One thought on “Role Models

  1. In our ever-changing world it is very easy to lose one’s way, become overly pessimistic, nihilistic, bitter, and hateful. Or perhaps you even go the opposite direction, pretending everything is okay, over simplifying and romanticizing, willfully ignoring things, all in an attempt to just make it through the rough patches. Life is difficult, but the answer is never such extremes. One truly important lesson I learned is, “Everything in moderation”. For example, when I was younger a stumbling block I had to get over was dealing with not the fact that I was not the best at anything, I had to swallow my excessive pride. Afterwards I descended to the opposite side of the spectrum, self-hatred. It can probably be agreed upon that everyone has reasons they feel insignificant or worthless, however most will also agree that beating yourself up over your flaws is too far. Another interesting case would be politics in the classroom. Today, the majority teachers will not speak of their political views, for fear of offending someone and losing their job. Clearly this is wrong, people should not fear for their livelihood simply for having an opinion. On the other hand, there are the few teachers who disregard the curriculum and assign projects based on their particular agendas. Which is also wrong, being manipulative and outright unfair most of the time. In all the cases mentioned the best solution to the problems is somewhere in the middle, and the true enemy is the ever tempting extremism.


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