2 thoughts on “Self-Confidence, Self-Reliance, Self-Esteem, Self-Expression

  1. I have three major passions in my life: photography, writing fiction, and reading comic books. I love the creativity of photography and writing. I also enjoy the chance to see others’ creativity in comic books. The most enriching part of these passions are the freedom to do anything you can imagine. Photography allows me to capture anything, from breathtaking landscapes to the marvels of life itself. Writing fiction allows me to create entire universes on a wim, to explore and drudge the depths of the human psyche. Reading comic books allows me the opportunity to immerse myself in some of the greatest adventures ever conceived, to follow the greatest beings we can imagine. Creativity is the most important of man’s three great gifts of intelligence. Without it we wouldn’t have the capacity to dream, to reach for ever greater heights. Inquiry lets us explore the complexities within and the cosmos without. Understanding allows us to comprehend life’s greatest cosmic phenomena all the way to the higgs-boson, the microscopic particle that gives everything mass. But creativity allows us to not only perceive the very building blocks of the universe but to expand on them. This fundamental part of us is the method to which we unravel not only the mysteries of the cosmos and ourselves but the mysteries beyond those which we can currently comprehend.


    • Hi Alec!
      I too have a passion for photography and writing fiction! I agree with you that it is a thrill to create imaginary worlds just by using creativity, and seeing that same creativity through photographs. Not everyone realizes that every photograph holds a story. Maybe an over flowing trash bin on the streets of New York is “typical city life” to some, but a story that is yet to be captured, to a photographer. I related so much to your post, and I like knowing that someone else appreciates and loves not just the act of writing and photography, but the emotions that are embedded into it. Keep up the good work, and stick to what you’re passionate about!


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