One thought on “Support Communities, Civic Engagement, Justice

  1. Pedro Silva
    This We Believe 2018
    August 15, 2018
    Trust and Loyalty
    The words stated in my title are words we all know. We know them by definition, and also in many different contexts. But ask yourself, do you or someone in your life have those traits? Many of us will say yes but some will sit here longer, thinking about that question in deeper meaning. What is trust? What is loyalty? I’ve grown up always affected by these words. To be trusting in today’s society is something that we can all attest is really hard to be. Social media, rumors, stereotypical ideology are all some of the things that bring down our ability to trust or be trusting as a person. In one point or another you have been affected with a conflict in which you don’t know whom to trust. I’ve gone, and still to this day have that problem. It built me up as a person to become focused, self-aware, and even observant. I believe that without trust in any sort of relationship, whether it be between, friends, lovers, or even the community we are in. We truly can’t be comfortable where we are. Which brings me to my second point, loyalty. To be there for someone when they aren’t there is the strongest act of loyalty you can find. Always having your back when you need support. And simply being a positive person in your life. These are the people that are worth holding on to. As I person I believe that maybe through this essay or through any conversation I can build this sort of trust with everyone to allow everyone to feel safe with at least one person in their lives.


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